Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Ausstellungsstrasse

The  Museum für Gestaltung is Switzerland’s leading museum for design and visual communication.

Welcome to the newly refurbished main building of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich on Ausstellungsstrasse! Experience Swiss design in the heart of Zürich. The museum’s listed building is one of the outstanding examples of modern Swiss architecture. In its unique ambiance, the museum presents the treasures of its internationally acclaimed collection and exhibitions on changing themes. The new Swiss Design Lounge invites visitors to linger and try out contemporary Swiss furniture. Young and old can look forward to an inspiring experience — whether creatively in our education studio or convivially in the museum café and in the adjacent park. The museum shop offers a wide range of selected design souvenirs.

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Collection Highlights

Permanent exhibition

When Max Bill’s Ulm Stool meets Albrecht Dürer’s Apocalypse (1498) and Adrian Frutiger’s Univers font encounters a Balenciaga cocktail dress, when Sophie Taeuber-Arp’s puppets dance around a SBB...

Poster Stories

Permanent exhibition

Large-scale design history: from its beginnings over 100 years ago to the present day, the pictorial poster has achieved impressive stylistic diversity. Icons line up alongside rediscoveries, from...

Swiss Design Lounge

Permanent exhibition

How about biding your time while discovering and trying out outstanding Swiss design at the same time? The Swiss Design Lounge at our newly refurbished main building on Ausstellungsstrasse now...

Queens of their Discipline – Posters by Women Designers

Temporary exhibition until 31.12.2025

This exhibition tells the story of the poster, using exclusively reprints of works by international women designers, for once. The poster is the supreme discipline in graphic design: its large size...

Collection Insights – 7 Perspectives

Temporary exhibition until 01.12.2024

«Collection Insights» examines selected objects in the collection from different angles and explore how the museum’s collecting, exhibiting, and educational activities are interconnected. Which new...

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We don't have anything to show you here.

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