National Maritime Museum, Toulon

Memory of the arsenal of Toulon
Created at the end of the First Empire, the National Maritime Museum of Toulon is located next to the Clock Tower of the arsenal. Real memory of the arsenal of Toulon which retains the majestic monumental gate (1738), the museum illustrates the maritime tradition in the Mediterranean by an exceptional collection of model ships and galleys.
Building on its rich collections, inherited know-how men's arsenal since the second half of the XVII th century, the museum offers an educational and attractive accessible to all human and technical history. Among the must made since 2010: a space dedicated to Vauban and the first arsenal, the galleys at Toulon with a reconstruction of the Hospital of the prison, the Franco-Russian alliance and diplomatic gifts, a focus on the Navy in the World War II and today's Navy developed the first floor around submarines and aircraft carriers.

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