Haus der Natur - Museum for natural science and technology

Haus der Natur - Museum für Natur und Technik

TECHNOLOGY, HANDS-ON. Our Science Center is an invitation to put your hands to a wealth of experiments. There are around 80 interactive stations designed to play with, to do your own research, to discover, reflect, experiment and build…, in short: to be active and creative in the world of science.

MEET THE DINOSAURS: Giant dinosaurs from aeons long gone give you a glimpse into the exotic place our world used to be millions of years ago.

THE LIVING MUSEUM. See with your own eyes tropical coral reefs teeming with life or the grace of movement in cobras and mambas: Our beautiful aquarium and reptile zoo are ideal places to find innumerable opportunities to marvel at our natural world and to learn from it at the same time.

SPACE UNLIMITED: Milestones in space travel bear witness to man’s ancient dream to visit distant galaxies.

JOURNEY INTO THE HUMAN BODY: How do we see, hear or smell? What makes our heart beat? Discover your own body from a totally new perspective…

NATURE ADVENTURES: No matter whether you visit the Polar Regions or a tropical rain forest, the rivers of Austria or deserts far away, whether you meet bizarre creatures of the deep sea or marvel at legendary crystals created far inside the Earth - Nature is the greatest adventure of them all!

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