Jewish Historical Museum in Belgrade

Jevrejski istorijski muzej

The Jewish Historical Museum in Belgrade was founded in 1948. The Museum is established within the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia and is a unique museum in the country. It is thematically specialized and complex in terms of contents. Apart from museum collections, it also has a significant archive.

The activity of the Jewish Historical Museum is versatile and dynamic – it stages exhibitions continually, it has a dynamic publishing activity, and as the only museum of its type, it provides daily assistance and information to scholars, scientists, students and artists, and other interested individuals.

Apart from maintaining contacts with individuals, the Jewish Historical Museum cooperates closely with other similar national and international institutions. There are frequent individual and small group visits to the permanent exhibition of the Museum, and over the recent years there is an increasing number of group visits, especially foreign.

The Jewish Historical Museum is located on the first floor of the building of the Jewish Community Belgrade, in the very centre of the city. The building was designed in 1928 by the architect Samuel Sumbul, for the needs of the then Jewish Sephardic Community. As a remnant of those distant days there still stands near the top of the building a big inscription „The Home of the Jewish Religious-School Community“. On the second floor of the building is the Jewish Community Belgrade, and on the third the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia.

Exhibitions and events

Permanent exhibition

Permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition was opened in 1969. Thanks to the complex and highly subtle design, the age of the exhibition does not belittle its attractiveness and the high quality of information that...

Educational programs

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