Money collection

Exhibition contains ancient Roman coins (denarius of the 2nd century AD), silver coins which were in circulation in Europe, particularly in Podillya (part of Ukraine) in the 15th-18thcenturies. This room contains also the Russian coins of the 18th century. Silver coins and coppers you will also see paper banknotes (rubles) here. The second exhibition room offers paper banknotes and small change which were in circulation in the 20th century –the beginning of the 21stcenturies.

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Exhibitions and events

Archaeological finds

Permanent exhibition

Archeological finds of Podillia (part of Ukraine) from ancient times till 13 th century. Here represented the biggest collection of Slavonic idols.

Time scrolls

Permanent exhibition

This exposition represents the unique museum exhibits such as weapon of the 15-19th centuries, breastplates, medals, chinaware, articles of personal use of the 19th century, musical instruments etc.

Medieval torture methods

Permanent exhibition

The exposition is located in the Town Hall cellars. It demonstrates how the execution in medieval times was fulfilled. In the past these spaces were used for imprisonment before the trial and also...

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