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Moč kulture - kultura dialoga

Maribor Museum of National Liberation

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Ptuj Ormož Regional Museum

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Maribor Museum of National Liberation

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A short history of the internet

National Science and Media Museum

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Center for Contemporary Arts Celje

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BY EUROPEANA 24.04.2018

Love across borders: Serbian teachers on the France Riviera

We have recently begun collecting personal stories from people all across Europe relating to migration, following on from our successful Europeana 1914-1918 project. This new, short blog series,...
BY EUROPEANA 24.04.2018

Love across borders: the architects of the Peace Palace

We have recently begun collecting personal stories from people all across Europe relating to migration. Our new short blog series, Love across borders , is inspired by collections discovered...
BY EUROPEANA 16.04.2018

Silver cups and their stories: connections across Europe

During our campaigns like Europeana Migration and Europeana 1914-1918 , we bring a digital perspective to our Collection Days with partner institutions all over Europe. During these days, we...
BY EUROPEANA 13.04.2018

From Georg Friedrich to George Frideric: Händel’s miraculous migration

In the early 18th century, London was the eldorado for musicians, offering fame and fortune to anyone who had something new or exclusive to boast. Foreign musicians were regarded as exotic,...
BY EUROPEANA 09.04.2018

Pola Negri: Woman of the World

In advance of the 15th annual Silent Movie Festival , Katarzyna Wajda from National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute, introduces the cinematic life of Poland’s first film star: Pola Negri....
BY EUROPEANA 06.04.2018

Percy Grainger: shanties, folksongs and letters to Grieg

Percy Grainger and Nina Grieg at the piano (Bergen Library, no known rights restrictions) This blog tells the story of how digitisation for cultural heritage institutions can bring collections of...
BY EUROPEANA 04.04.2018

Pictures in focus: Migrants, then and now

Today, Manuele Buono, of AEDEKA srl in Italy, talks about a photograph taken on board a ship arriving at Ellis Island in the early 20th century. The deck of a ship full of emigrants arriving at...
BY EUROPEANA 23.03.2018

Love across borders: the Belgian brothers who loved the same girl

We have recently begun collecting personal stories from people all across Europe relating to migration, following on from our successful Europeana 1914-1918 project. Our new short blog series,...
Maribor Museum of National Liberation 16.03.2018

Muzej za mir - Evropska zgodba

Muzej so preplavili učenci tretje triade osnovni šol in dijaki srednjih šol, ki z našim Urošem odkrivajo Evropsko zgodbo v okviru programa Muzej za mir. Program v Evropskem letu kulturne dediščine...
BY EUROPEANA 15.03.2018

Share your migration story with Europeana Migration

We all have objects and tales that tell stories of where we’ve come from and what’s shaped our lives. For many of us, that involves our family’s stories of migration and immigration. A family...
Maribor Museum of National Liberation 05.03.2018

Tretja sreda - Satira

Redkokdaj se zgodi, da se ob nekem muzejskem dogodku obiskovalci ob nadvse resni temi do solz nasmejijo. Tretja sreda na temo satire, je dosegla prav to. Rok Kajzer in Mateja Ratej sta svoje goste:...
BY EUROPEANA 28.02.2018

Artistic impressions of World War One – online exhibition Visions of War

Auberive 1916 –  Un puits en tranchée Alphonse Robine, Europeana 1914-1918 / Madame Nicole Robine, CC BY-SA We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Europeana 1914-1918 exhibition:...
BY EUROPEANA 19.02.2018

Pictures in Focus: Street view in Amsterdam by George Hendrik Breitner

Today, Pierre-Edouard Barrault, Data Ingestion Specialist at Europeana and keen  photography enthusiast , talks about a striking photo taken in Amsterdam at the beginning of 20th century by the...
BY EUROPEANA 05.02.2018

#ColorOurCollections and Europeana EYCH Colouring Book

Find your crayons. Sharpen your coloured pencils. Arrange your felt pens. #ColorOurCollections is back! #ColorOurCollections is a week-long colouring fest on social media organized by libraries,...
BY EUROPEANA 30.01.2018

If you have to ask what jazz is…

Art Blakey, drummer and leader of the Jazz Messenger, at the Umeå jazz festival in 1979. Riksantikvarieämbetet, CC BY “If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.” So...
Bitterne Local History Centre 29.01.2018
Maribor Museum of National Liberation 17.01.2018

Oddaja Dobro jutro in naš muzej - kako otroci poznajo stare predmete

Tako dobro se že dolgo nismo zabavali. Katje Treer in Andrej Geržina sta nas povabila k sodelovanju pri snemanju kratkih prispevkov za oddajo Dobro jutro. Mi priskrbimo predmete, OŠ Draga Kobala je...
Maribor Museum of National Liberation 09.01.2018

Muzej za mir - evropska zgodba

Evropsko leto kulturne dediščine 2018 Muzej za mir: evropska zgodba Predstavništvo Evropske komisije v Sloveniji in Muzej narodne osvoboditve Maribor vas ob začetku skupnih aktivnosti v okviru...
BY EUROPEANA 22.12.2017

5 Europeana Art highlights from 2017

As the year draws to a close, we look back on the past twelve months and celebrate five significant moments for Europeana Art.  In chronological order: 1. Art Nouveau season L’Art Gothique...
BY EUROPEANA 21.12.2017

2017: Top 20 searches on Europeana

With 2017 coming to a close, it’s time to look at what you’ve been searching for this year on Europeana Collections. Since January, there have been millions of searches in Europeana...