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Maribor Museum of National Liberation

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Europeana 1914-1918 thematic collection launches


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Murders on border in Albania during the 90's

Site of Witness and Memory

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The history of the Building of the Ministry of Interior Branch in Shkoder

Site of Witness and Memory

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Maribor Museum of National Liberation 22.02.2017

FENCES IN HEADS - Meeting Samira Kentrić

About her life, her migrant parents, how did this heritage affect her life and art, the influence of the war in Bosnia on her youth and her perception of the world around her. About her books...
BY EUROPEANA 21.02.2017

Welcome to Art Nouveau season on Europeana Art

Today we are happy to announce the launch of Art Nouveau season on Europeana Art , running from now until the end of May.  During the season we’ll explore the depth and diversity of this influential...
Maribor Museum of National Liberation 17.02.2017

Fences in heads - workshop for school children

We destroy fences and build bridges. Workshop, which was a part of our Museum for peace project, was all about stereotypes about refugees, which are used for fueling hatred and fear of the unknown....
BY EUROPEANA 06.02.2017

#ColorOurCollections with an Art Nouveau colouring book

Following last year’s inspiring Europeana Colouring Book for Grown-ups , we’re taking part in #ColorOurCollections again this year. #ColorOurCollections is a week-long colouring fest...
BY EUROPEANA 02.02.2017

Kalimba, Lukembe and Ennanga: the musical instruments of Africa

This month, we take a look at musical instruments of Africa. These are well represented on Europeana Music , thanks to the wide and varied records from Musical Instrument Museums Online (MIMO). This...
Murska Sobota Gallery 02.02.2017


V sredo, 8. februarja 2017 , vas v okviru slovenskega kulturnega praznika med 9. in 17. uro vabimo v Galerijo Murska Sobota na brezplačen ogled kiparske razstave Janeza Boljke. Vodstvo po razstavi...
BY EUROPEANA 27.01.2017

Lost WW1 memorial plaque of HMS Laurentic fireman returned to family thanks to Europeana 1914-1918

A lost World War One memorial plaque – dedicated to fireman Thomas McGarry who died in the sinking of the HMS Laurentic in 1917 – has been returned to his family decades later thanks to...
Maribor Museum of National Liberation 21.12.2016

The Manchester of Yugoslavia Catalogue

Are you interested in our industrial heritage? You can read all about our textile industry in this new catalogue. In english!
Maribor Museum of National Liberation 21.12.2016

Photo Exhibition Franz Joseph

Gregor Antoličič has joined his knowledge with professor Igor Vodnik's collections and made an exhibition about Franz Joseph, emperor of Austria-Hungary, on the occasion of the centenary of the...
Maribor Museum of National Liberation 21.12.2016

Opening of the The Manchester of Yugoslavia exhibition

On 3rd December 2016 we have opened an exhibition about the Maribor' textile industry, a very important part of the industrial history of our city. Maribor used to be known as the "Manchester of...
BY Culture24 14.12.2016

A Very British Artist: River and Rowing opens new permanent John Piper Gallery

Artist John Piper gets a dedicated gallery in his hometown of Henley-on-Thames The John Piper Gallery at the River and Rowing Museum, Henley on Thames © Ian Macdonald Photography The title of the...
BY Culture24 09.12.2016

Henry VIII's lost palace of Nonsuch - V&A acquires a painting that shows us what it looked like

The V&A has acquired the earliest and most detailed depiction of Henry VIII’s famed lost palace of Nonsuch Joris Hoefnagel, Nonsuch Palace from the South, 1568 © Courtesy V&A The whimsical...
Ptuj Ormož Regional Museum 08.12.2016

GOSPODARJI PREHODOV - Ptuj na prehodu iz bronaste v železno dobo

Katalog istoimenske razstave, ki je na ogled od 3. decembra 2016 v začasnem razstavišču na Muzejskem trgu 2 na Ptuju, odstira materialno kulturo iz življenja na Ptuju pred tremi tisočletji. Ob...
Ptuj Ormož Regional Museum 29.11.2016

Dolga pot Pelizonove viole do Ptuja

V Pokrajinskem muzeju Ptuj - Ormož, v katerem hranimo največjo zbirko historičnih glasbil v Sloveniji, smo v soboto, 26. novembra, v slavnostni dvorani ptujskega gradu javnosti prvič predstavili...
BY Culture24 29.11.2016

Nine highlights from the Rupf Collection at Guggenheim Bilbao

A virtual tour of some of the most impressive modernist and contemporary artworks in a leading Swiss collection, currently shown in Spain for the first time. Paul Klee, Vollmond im Garten (1934) ©...
BY EUROPEANA 17.11.2016

W VERDI! Long live Verdi!

Verdi as a composer, Verdi and the Italian Risorgimento, Verdi as a farmer, Verdi in the movies, Verdi as national icon… How many performers can boast such a wide impact on fields other than the...
BY EUROPEANA 16.11.2016

Take a trip to the theatre

William Shakespeare may have written that all the world’s a stage, but today on #LoveTheatreDay , all Europeana is a stage. We’ve searched our collections to find artworks and...
BY Culture24 15.11.2016

Curator's Choice: The Scold's Thew - a medieval punishment for women only at Ipswich Museum

Curator's Choice: Take a closer look at the Scold's Threw - a cruel punishment reserved for "troublesome" women during the Medieval period © Colchester The use of Scold’s Thewe or Ducking Chair was...
BY EUROPEANA 14.11.2016

Thank you! 10K Followers on Pinterest for Europeana

It’s time to celebrate — we’ve reached 10K followers on Pinterest! In just one year we doubled our followers to 10,000 with users from all over the globe. We want to thank our Pinterest...
BY Culture24 27.10.2016

Can taxidermy help primate conservation? Monkey Business conveys a serious message

More than 50 new taxidermy specimens of monkeys, apes, lemurs, lorises and bush-babies are to be revealed in the most comprehensive museum exhibition on primates ever staged Wester lowland gorilla ©...