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Maribor Museum of National Liberation

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Europeana 1914-1918 thematic collection launches


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Murders on border in Albania during the 90's

Site of Witness and Memory

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The history of the Building of the Ministry of Interior Branch in Shkoder

Site of Witness and Memory

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BY Culture24 14.09.2016

The Victorian Society's Top Ten Endangered buildings of 2016

The Victorian Society reveals its Top Ten endangered buildings of 2016 Old Bute Road Railway Station in Cardiff is just one of many buildings in need of help © David Hilling The Victorian Society...
BY Culture24 19.09.2016

10,000 miles on a dream: Keith Cunningham, the Royal College of Art great whose works were left unseen

A new exhibition in London, Unseen Paintings, is about to reveal some of the works left by artist Keith Cunningham in his studio following his death in 2014. Painting was Cunningham's private...
Museums 12.09.2016

It's Ask a Curator time!

Ask a curator is an all-day event on September 14th 2016 . It’s a way to talk to curators and people who work in cultural venues you normally don’t have access to. It’s open to...
BY Culture24 09.09.2016

Benny Lynch, Scotland's "greatest ever sporting legend", honoured in Glasgow on anniversary of famous win

On September 9 1935, Benny Lynch fought at a tea hall which had been converted into a 7,000-capacity arena in Manchester, and beat his flyweight rival Jackie Brown to become Scotland’s first ever...
BY Culture24 08.09.2016

Tooth enamel of Bedlam burial ground bodies finds first DNA of the bacteria behind the Great Plague

Archaeologists suspected a mass gave within the Bedlam burial ground, where 42 individuals were found last summer, contained victims of Britain’s last bubonic plague. Now five of the 20 individuals...
BY Culture24 12.09.2016

The search is on for Britain's lost public sculptures as Historic England protects five more artworks

A ventilation shaft and a woman carrying a basket of hens on her head are among five artworks given new listed statuses by Historic England, who are continuing their public appeal to find missing...
BY EUROPEANA 06.09.2016

Voices from the past still echo today

While visiting the various regions of France, one might wonder what he might have heard in those places a century ago. [Vendée] : [dessin] / [Bergeron] , National Library of France, Public domain...
BY Culture24 05.09.2016

Winston Churchill's wooden speech box, cow medal and books: Ten things from his Chartwell home

Curators at Chartwell, Winston Churchill's Kent home, have launched a £7.1 million appeal to buy many of his personal items and open more of the property Medallions © John Hammond Churchill received...
BY Culture24 06.09.2016

The typo in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone which makes rare first editions worth a fortune

London booksellers Peter Harrington have been inundated with emails since it emerged that a rogue wand, misprinted on a first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, could make some...
BY Culture24 02.09.2016

Could archaeologists be about to uncover an early Bronze Age settlement on the cliffs of Seven Sisters?

After a century of searching, a National Trust-backed set of excavations expects to find evidence of the Bronze Age on some of Sussex's most scenic hills The Seven Sisters, with Belle Tout on the...
BY Culture24 03.09.2016

Made in Sheffield: From skeletal hands to the world's fastest sled, nine of the best steel city inventions

Evoking the Crystal Palace exhibitions which once showcased British ingenuity, curators have turned the Millennium Gallery into a hall of Sheffield's greatest designs Prosthetic eyes, nose and ear ©...
BY Culture24 04.09.2016

"I hardly ever think about where it's gonna go": Britain's 14-year-old "Old Master" on his North Norfolk inspiration

Kieron Williamson - perhaps Britain's best and most talked-about young painter - is preparing for his next exhibition. The build-up, as a new BBC One programme shows, has its stresses for his family...
BY Culture24 01.09.2016

"He engaged the whole world": Brian May and the creators of Freddie Mercury's blue plaque on his childhood home in London

Freddie Mercury’s former Queen bandmate, Brian May, and artists Frank and Sue Ashworth on the newly unveiled blue plaque at the star’s childhood home Freddie Mercury posing as Jimi Hendrix with a...
BY Culture24 31.08.2016

Laser light show and new concert footage to feature in new V&A Pink Floyd exhibition

The band's members and Pink Floyd's Creative Director, Aubrey 'Po' Powell, have been involved in a major new exhibition opening at the V&A next year © Pink Floyd Music Ltd. Photo: Storm...
BY Culture24 01.09.2016

Object of the Week: The big 19th century Bengal tiger at the front of Leeds City Museum

In 1862, William Gott – a wealthy Leeds industrialist – bought a tiger which had been shot by a decorated soldier in the Himalayas 16 year earlier The Bengal tiger was given to the Leeds...
BY EUROPEANA 30.08.2016

The Song Legacy of Scottish-Irish Migration

Among the great many cultural connections between Ireland and Scotland, the mutual influence of each nation’s musical and singing traditions on the other is perhaps one of the most interesting. As a...
BY Culture24 25.08.2016

Deprivation and deportation: What the teeth of the soldiers found in a mass grave in Durham can tell us

The teeth of the soldiers discovered in a mass grave in Durham have already given experts an idea of what their lives were like. Dr Pam Graves, of the Department of Archaeology at Durham University,...
BY EUROPEANA 24.08.2016

We’d music sweet to shake our feet: festivals and fair-days in the Irish music tradition

Irish people are often noted for their friendliness and sociability. We relish the opportunity to get together, chat, sing, dance, make music and enjoy ourselves. This is not a modern phenomenon...
BY Culture24 24.08.2016

This test platter was used for group masturbation by an 18th and 19th century gentlemen's club

This test platter, from the University of St Andrews, was at the centre of a bizarre act carried out by Beggar's Benison - a collective in Scotland between 1783 and 1836 © Fairfax House, York The...
BY Culture24 24.08.2016

A huge mysterious structure has been discovered under the largest Neolithic rubbish dump in Scotland

The "sheer size and scale" of a set of huge slabs have surprised archaeologists in one of the final trenches dug at a historic site on an Orkney ness A close-up aerial picture of Trench T at Ness of...