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Pogovor nekdanje dijakinje s profesoricama

Slovenian School Museum

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Odprtje razstave Iskrene podobe

Maribor Museum of National Liberation

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Ivan Cankar – The Writer, The Migrant


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Iberian iconography and rituals


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Pizza: a slice of migration history


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BY EUROPEANA 22.12.2017

5 Europeana Art highlights from 2017

As the year draws to a close, we look back on the past twelve months and celebrate five significant moments for Europeana Art.  In chronological order: 1. Art Nouveau season L’Art Gothique...
BY EUROPEANA 21.12.2017

2017: Top 20 searches on Europeana

With 2017 coming to a close, it’s time to look at what you’ve been searching for this year on Europeana Collections. Since January, there have been millions of searches in Europeana...
BY EUROPEANA 18.12.2017

César Franck: the “Pater Seraphicus” of modern French music

On this International Migrants’ Day, Sofie Taes,  musicologist & co-curator of the Europeana Photography Collection for PHOTOCONSORTIUM/KU Leuven , zooms in on the life and work of a brave...
BY EUROPEANA 14.12.2017

Dive into Europeana to listen to the sea

A fishing boat at sea. From “La pêche traditionnelle varoise dans les années 1970” | Henri-Paul Brémondy In December, the Centre national de la recherche scientifique ( CNRS) present...
BY EUROPEANA 14.12.2017

Plongez dans Europeana pour écouter la mer

Pêcheur avec filet de pêche sur un bateau – Photographie en lien avec le corpus sonore “La pêche traditionnelle varoise dans les années 1970” | Henri-Paul Brémondy Au cours du...
Maribor Museum of National Liberation 14.12.2017

Exhibition opening at the Museum of Photography Maribor

You will be surprised when you see our city through a lens of this amateur photographer. As a matter of fact, there is nothing amateurish in his work, his photos are great and you are cordialy...
Maribor Museum of National Liberation 14.12.2017

Wounded and Sick - opening

Military medical service is one of the richest museum collections and the story of it is one of the most interesting and touching ones. That is why dr. Irena Mavrič Žižek and Simona Tripkovič...
BY EUROPEANA 22.11.2017

Winners of GIF IT UP 2017

Dear GIF-makers and GIF-lovers! Time to reveal the winners of GIF IT UP 2017! Huge thank you to all the participants! It was a very tight competition and we were blown away by the amount of...
BY EUROPEANA 16.11.2017

Music and Mechanics – the exhibition goes live!

The phonoliszt violina, by Hupfeld – Rönisch (from the Musée de la Musique Mécanique, CC BY-NC-SA) We are delighted to announce the launch of the new exhibition, ‘ Music and...
BY EUROPEANA 15.11.2017

Five stunning European theatres for #LoveTheatreDay

15 November is #LoveTheatreDay. So here are five stunning settings to put on your cultural must-visit list. What’s your favourite theatre? Tell us @europeanaeu with #lovetheatreday ...
BY EUROPEANA 10.11.2017

Les sons de l’Asie et de Madagascar à l’Exposition coloniale internationale de 1931

Chaque mois, Europeana Music est animée par un invité afin de mettre en valeur la grande variété de musique disponible surEuropeana. En ce mois de novembre, la Bibliothèque nationale de France...
BY EUROPEANA 10.11.2017

The sounds of Asia and Madagascar at the 1931 French colonial Exhibition

Each month, we invite a guest to write about a musical subject and highlight some of the material on Europeana Music.  For the month of November, the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF – National...
BY EUROPEANA 27.10.2017

Small-screen smiles for World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

It’s UNESCO’s World Day for Audiovisual Heritage today, a day to highlight the importance of preserving both sound and video heritage material. So, here are three picks from our...
BY EUROPEANA 23.10.2017

How to make a GIF from a series of photos

You have one more week left to participate in GIF IT UP. If you think it’s not enough time, read on and see how quickly you can create a GIF using a series of photos. via GIPHY Start with...
BY EUROPEANA 17.10.2017

Playing with colours – make your first GIF IT UP entry

Today we’ll learn how to make an animated GIF by playing with colours. The best material for this kind of GIF will include things that blink or go on-off  such as lights, neon letters. via...
BY EUROPEANA 13.10.2017

It’s unlucky Friday the 13th – everybody, stay at home!

It happens about twice a year, and when it does, you’d better lock yourself in the house and wait until dawn. Or anything could happen to you. Better safe than sorry.   Astrology chart: table to...
BY EUROPEANA 10.10.2017

Getting creative with stickers & effects – make your first GIF

Last week we showed how to make a GIF from a vintage video. Today, we will show you how to boost artworks with effects and stickers available on GIPHY. Go to GIPHY’s GIF maker and upload a static...
BY EUROPEANA 03.10.2017

The Harry Orvomaa collection of Jewish recordings

Each month, Europeana Music invites a guest curator to talk about a musical subject and highlight some of the material on Europeana Music. For the month of October, Pekka Gronow presents the Harry...
BY EUROPEANA 02.10.2017

Make a GIF from a vintage video

Always wanted to make an animated GIF, but didn’t know how? We have something for you! In the coming weeks, we will be showing some easy GIF-making techniques to help you create your GIF IT UP...
BY EUROPEANA 28.09.2017

GIF IT UP 2017

Yes, it’s already this time of year… Time for the fourth edition of GIF IT UP! From 1 – 31 October , all GIF-­makers, cultural heritage enthusiasts and lovers of the internet are...