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Art Up Your Tab now available for Firefox


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Nights of Archaeology at Rio nell'Elba

Museo civico archeologico del Distretto minerario di Rio nell'Elba

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Sur les traces de la Mission Ogooué-Congo de 1946


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In the footsteps of the 1946 Ogooué-Congo Mission


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Истраживање судбине српских војника из Првог светског рата који су преминули у Холандији


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BY EUROPEANA 06.07.2017

Onderzoek naar het lot van de Servische WOI soldaten die in Nederland overleden

Gastblog geschreven door Tanja & Fabian Vendrig In een hoek op de gereformeerde begraafplaats te Garderen, op de rand van de bosrijke Veluwe in midden Nederland, staat een monument ter...
BY EUROPEANA 06.07.2017

Researching the fate of the Serbian WWI soldiers who died in the Netherlands

Guest blog by Fabian & Tatjana Vendrig (also available in Dutch and Serbian language version) In a corner of the Dutch Reformed cemetery in Garderen, on the edge of the forested area of the...
Slovenian School Museum 05.07.2017

Brošura Pedagoški programi v šolskem letu 2017/2018

Dragi obiskovalci muzeja, učitelji in učiteljice, vzgojitelji in vzgojiteljice. Pred vami je knjižica z bogato vsebino. V Slovenskem šolskem muzeju smo jo pripravili z namenom, da bi vam bila...
BY EUROPEANA 29.06.2017

The Music of Machines

Every month, Europeana Music invites a guest curator to look at a particular area of music. This month, our guest is Greg Markus from Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. Rotterdam Harbour,...
Maribor Museum of National Liberation 22.06.2017


19. junija 2017 se je v Stalagu XVIIID odvijal sestanek mešanega rusko-sloveskega odbora za odprtje novega muzeja. Arhitekta Mateja Katrašnik in Tomaž Kancler sta predstavila vizijo prihodnjega...
Ptuj Ormož Regional Museum 22.06.2017
BY EUROPEANA 21.06.2017

Europeana 1914-1918 thematic collection launches

Europeana 1914-1918 officially re-launches as a Europeana thematic collection today with personal stories, films and historical material about World War I from across Europe Since 2011, Europeana...
Site of Witness and Memory 21.06.2017

Murders on border in Albania during the 90's

In the beginning of 1990, the Albanian legislation underwent some changes which were quite different than previous ones. One of these changes had to do with cases of escaping or leaving the country....
Site of Witness and Memory 21.06.2017

The history of the Building of the Ministry of Interior Branch in Shkoder

The house of Rrakacolli family The idea of projecting the house comes during the 19 th century by Arsen Idromeno, who was welcomed in Shkodra as a carpenter and for his skills in designing houses....
Site of Witness and Memory 19.06.2017

6 Shkurt 1967 – 6 Shkurt 2017 Shqipëria mes shpirtit dhe individit

Sot mbushen 50 vite nga një ngjarje, e cila si një njollë e zezë do të shënonte historinë e vendit tonë. “Me krenari”, nga pushteti i asaj kohe Shqipëria do të shpallej i pari dhe i vetmi shtet...
BY EUROPEANA 12.06.2017

Picture of the Month: Lover’s Lane by John Topham

John Topham  was a British documentary photographer who captured a changing Britain. Today, PHOTOCONSORTIUM’s  Fred Truyen  introduces us to Topham’s Lover’s Lane, 1938, as his Picture of the...
BY EUROPEANA 10.06.2017

A look back at our Art Nouveau season

Over the past few months, we’ve been celebrating Art Nouveau style in a special season on Europeana Art . Thanks to the fabulous collections and contributions of our partners, it’s been a feast of...
Museo Félix Cañada 09.06.2017

Pequeños Conservadores en el Museo Félix Cañada

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9bnaQ2UjXY&list=PLnMZhSgk8oM1QvIxxKo0QgFr8VqtK7uc5&index=1 El pasado 4 de noviembre de 2016 tuvo lugar en el Museo Félix Cañada, con motivo de su...
Murska Sobota Gallery 09.06.2017


V okviru letošnje POLETNE MUZEJSKE NOČI vas v soboto, 17. junija 2017, ob 20. uri , vabimo na brezplačno večerno vodstvo po razstavah "Dare Birsa. Slike" in "Izbor del skupine DHLM iz stalne zbirke...
BY EUROPEANA 05.06.2017

Reflections on Europeana Photography

Europeana Photography , our latest thematic collection, features over 2 million images from the first 100 years of photography. The collection is curated by Photoconsortium  and today Fred Truyen,...
BY EUROPEANA 04.06.2017

Scandal in Warsaw: Podkowiński’s Frenzy and the birth of Young Poland

In this guest post for Europeana’s Art Nouveau season, Dr. Piotr Kopszak, Curator at the National Museum of Warsaw, tells us about the artist Władysław Podkowiński and the scandal surrounding...
BY EUROPEANA 01.06.2017

‘Lest We Forget’: Oxford University needs you to spread the word!

Do you like Europeana 1914-1918 ? Have you already been involved in a collection day, taken part in a transcribathon , or are you interested in discovering digitized resources about World War One?...
Colección Permanente: Valle, Ballina y Fernández 23.05.2017

Ediciones Fundación José Cardín Fernández y Grupo El Gaitero

La fundación José Cardín Fernández, asumiendo sus objetivos fundacionanles. Tiene editados y disponibles numera bibliografía relacionada con la cultura de la sidra, el patrimonio asturiano en...
Maribor Museum of National Liberation 23.05.2017

American ambassador visited our museum

American ambassador mr. Brent Hartley and Phil Beekman, Public Affairs Officers visited our museum. Director of the museum dr. Aleksandra Berberih-Slana and Uroš Dokl explained the idea behind the...
BY EUROPEANA 23.05.2017

The Art Nouveau ceramics of Alexandre Bigot (part 2)

One of the Art Nouveau highlights of the 1900 World’s Fair in Paris were the architectural ceramics of French manufacturer Alexandre Bigot. Housed in a pavilion designed by Jules Lavirotte, and...