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Maribor Museum of National Liberation

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BY EUROPEANA 10.11.2017

The sounds of Asia and Madagascar at the 1931 French colonial Exhibition

Each month, we invite a guest to write about a musical subject and highlight some of the material on Europeana Music.  For the month of November, the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF – National...
BY EUROPEANA 27.10.2017

Small-screen smiles for World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

It’s UNESCO’s World Day for Audiovisual Heritage today, a day to highlight the importance of preserving both sound and video heritage material. So, here are three picks from our...
BY EUROPEANA 23.10.2017

How to make a GIF from a series of photos

You have one more week left to participate in GIF IT UP. If you think it’s not enough time, read on and see how quickly you can create a GIF using a series of photos. via GIPHY Start with...
BY EUROPEANA 17.10.2017

Playing with colours – make your first GIF IT UP entry

Today we’ll learn how to make an animated GIF by playing with colours. The best material for this kind of GIF will include things that blink or go on-off  such as lights, neon letters. via...
BY EUROPEANA 13.10.2017

It’s unlucky Friday the 13th – everybody, stay at home!

It happens about twice a year, and when it does, you’d better lock yourself in the house and wait until dawn. Or anything could happen to you. Better safe than sorry.   Astrology chart: table to...
BY EUROPEANA 10.10.2017

Getting creative with stickers & effects – make your first GIF

Last week we showed how to make a GIF from a vintage video. Today, we will show you how to boost artworks with effects and stickers available on GIPHY. Go to GIPHY’s GIF maker and upload a static...
BY EUROPEANA 03.10.2017

The Harry Orvomaa collection of Jewish recordings

Each month, Europeana Music invites a guest curator to talk about a musical subject and highlight some of the material on Europeana Music. For the month of October, Pekka Gronow presents the Harry...
BY EUROPEANA 02.10.2017

Make a GIF from a vintage video

Always wanted to make an animated GIF, but didn’t know how? We have something for you! In the coming weeks, we will be showing some easy GIF-making techniques to help you create your GIF IT UP...
BY EUROPEANA 28.09.2017

GIF IT UP 2017

Yes, it’s already this time of year… Time for the fourth edition of GIF IT UP! From 1 – 31 October , all GIF-­makers, cultural heritage enthusiasts and lovers of the internet are...
Museo civico archeologico del Distretto minerario di Rio nell'Elba 22.09.2017

Tra natura e cultura- Giornate Europee del Patrimonio al Museo archeologico del Distretto minerario di Rio nell'Elba

“ Cultura e Natura ”, tema dell'edizione 2017 delle Giornate Europee del Patrimonio (hashtags #GEP2017; #culturaenatura), è un argomento di grande attualità che permette di approfondire...
BY EUROPEANA 22.09.2017

Winners of Picture This! Competition

In the beginning of July, we have invited you to show us how the places featured on the vintage postcards from  our Picture This! exhibition  look nowadays. You flooded us with amazing photos...
BY EUROPEANA 21.09.2017

The Mauritshuis arrives in Europeana

Today we welcome the wonderful collections of the Mauritshuis into Europeana, published in high-resolution and released freely into the public domain for the first time. Portrait of a Woman from...
Maribor Museum of National Liberation 06.09.2017

Promenada klobučkov; Gospe in gospodje na Gosposko

Imeli smo srečo, da je vreme zdržalo. Gospa Scherbaum je tako lahko zbrala gospe in gospode, ki so si nadeli klobuček in se z njimi podala na Gosposko. Društvo Hiša in muzej smo združili sile in...
BY EUROPEANA 06.09.2017

Exploring Europeana in Czech, Irish, Slovak and Slovenian

Europeana Collections can now be navigated in 4 more languages: Czech , Irish , Slovak and Slovenian . These new languages now means that Europeana Collections can be navigated in 27 languages...
Slovenian School Museum 31.08.2017


Spring, summer, autumn, winter … and spring The school garden is a didactic teaching aid, which in recent years has again gained an important place in Slovene primary and secondary schools, as well...
Slovenian School Museum 31.08.2017


Narava in človek V slovenskih šolah in vrtcih je iz leta v leto več šolskih vrtov. To je zelo spodbudno zlasti ob dejstvu, da še vedno ogromno otrok vse preveč časa preživi v virtualnih svetovih...
Slovenian School Museum 29.08.2017

O evropskih pedagogih v slovenski pedagoški periodiki 1880-1925.

Na pedagoški konferenci ECER, ki jo je pripravila EERA (European Educational Research Association) katere član je tudi Slovensko društvo raziskovalcev na področju edukacije (SLODRE),...
Slovenian School Museum 29.08.2017

Biti učenec/student v Habsburški monarhiji” / "Being a Student in the Habsburg Monarchy".

Slovenski šolski muzej je na mednarodni konferenci, ki jo je 18. in 19. maja 2017 v Zagrebu pripravil Hrvaški inštitut za zgodovino (Hrvatski Institut za povijest)...
Slovenian School Museum 29.08.2017

Postmilenijske generacije: zaščitniški starši in zahtevni otroci

https://radioprvi.rtvslo.si/2017/08/intelekta-82/ Prvi program Radia Slovenija, Oddaja Intelekta, 29.8.2017, novinarka Špela Šebenik.
Slovenian School Museum 29.08.2017

Spoštuj učitelje in bodi jim pokoren!

Slovenski šolski muzej, ki je nastal leta 1898, spada med naše najstarejše muzeje in ima vsako leto okoli 17 tisoč obiskovalcev. Največ je osnovnošolcev, ki se pri igranih učnih urah lepopisja in...