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Slovenski šolski muzej v letu 2019

Slovenian School Museum

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Summer at the Museum

Maribor Museum of National Liberation

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Kako pripraviti obiskovalce na ogled kulturne ustanove

Slovenian School Museum

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III. Kongres slovenskih muzealcev

Maribor Museum of National Liberation

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Mednarodni dan muzejev

Maribor Museum of National Liberation

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Maribor Museum of National Liberation 09.01.2019

Odprtje razstave Iskrene podobe

Fotografski muzej Maribor in Fotografska zveza Slovenije vabita k ogledu fotografske razstave mladih ustvarjalcev z naslovom ISKRENE PODOBE. Otvoritev bo v četrtek, 10. 1. 2019 ob 17. uri v prostorih...
BY EUROPEANA 11.12.2018

Ivan Cankar – The Writer, The Migrant

Zala Mojca Jerman Kuželički of National and University Library in Slovenia introduces us to Ivan Cankar, who died 100 years ago today and is regarded as the greatest writer in the Slovene language....
BY EUROPEANA 06.12.2018

Iberian iconography and rituals

Last week we focused on a high-level view of the of the Iberian peoples in our blog  History of the Iberians . Here we focus on the iconography shown in art and objects from archaeological research,...
BY EUROPEANA 04.12.2018

Pizza: a slice of migration history

Pizza – possibly one of the most popular, tasty and simple things you can have for dinner tonight. But behind its simplicity lies a much more complex history – this is the tale of the...
BY EUROPEANA 30.11.2018

Europeana EYCH 2018 Advent Calendar

December is here so it’s time for a countdown! We know you (secretly) love a chocolate advent calendar, but due to the digital character of our activity, we can’t provide one here. But...
BY EUROPEANA 30.11.2018

The history of the Iberians

Iberian aristocrats and warriors. Left: Rider dismounting from the horse to spear the enemy, ( Cerrillo Blanco , Porcuna, Spain); centre: Warrior with double armour (Cerrillo Blanco, Porcuna,...
BY EUROPEANA 29.11.2018

The Sinking of the Titanic – a Historic Press Panorama

Clipping from Revista Mundo Gráfico of 24 April 1912 (via Biblioteca Digital Memoria de Madrid, CC-BY-NC) In the early morning of 15 April 1912, one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters...
BY EUROPEANA 27.11.2018

Discovering Europeana’s first world war objects in a game: 11-11 Memories retold

Still from the 11-11: Memories Retold launch trailer. Source. When thinking of a first world war game, some images immediately come to mind: huge battlefields where players shoot each other over...
BY EUROPEANA 20.11.2018

10 things to love about Europeana

This week Europeana celebrates its tenth birthday. Since 2008, we’ve been publishing, sharing and celebrating amazing cultural heritage online. To mark the occasion, we’re highlighting ten things we...
BY EUROPEANA 13.11.2018

The Place of Literature in the World of Newspapers

In France, the important development of including literature in the press began with the launch of ‘ La Presse ‘ in 1836 by Emile de Girardin . He cut the subscription rate to his daily...
Maribor Museum of National Liberation 12.11.2018

Maister v muzeju

Za vas smo ob 100-letnici bojev za Maribor in slovensko severno mejo 1918–1919 pripravili poseben program. Petek, 23. 11. 2018 17.00 - Javno vodstvo po novi občasni razstavi »Na desni ga, na levi ni...
National Science and Media Museum 09.11.2018

The history of photography in pictures

Explore the development of western photography through special selections from our collection. From 1835 to the early 21st century, our curators have picked some of the most important and...
BY EUROPEANA 08.11.2018

Emile Zola: Novelist and Journalist

A true writer-journalist, Emile Zola successfully managed both activities for about 20 years, at first out of financial necessity before he became a successful author, but also by conviction. ...
BY EUROPEANA 07.11.2018

Hotel New York and Lloyd Hotel: migration stopovers between Europe and the Americas

If you ever visit the Netherlands, perhaps you’ll stay at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam or Hotel New York in Rotterdam. These two hotels – still operational – played witness to...
Center for Contemporary Arts Celje 05.11.2018

Pokaži mi nebesa, performans

Vabljeni na performans v torek, 13. novembra, ob 18. uri v Galerijo sodobne umetnosti! Projekt je zasnovan na raziskavi liminalnega prostora ter dinamike, ki se v njem poraja. Zanima nas, kako...
BY EUROPEANA 02.11.2018

The beauty of birdsong: listen, remember, enjoy

Living in bustling cities we often tend to forget about nature, yet it is all around us and in many ways. Some of us might wake up in the morning to the sounds of a couple of birds singing while...
BY EUROPEANA 30.10.2018

Europe’s First Printed Book

How do we know what Europe’s first printed book was? Until the 18th century this question was open to speculation.15th-century printed books usually have no title page and do not always give the...
BY EUROPEANA 25.10.2018

Three Saints and the Art of Anamorphosis

Ross MacFarlane is a Research Development Specialist at London’s Wellcome Collection , a free museum and library exploring health, life and our place in the world. In this guest post, Ross explores...
BY EUROPEANA 24.10.2018

A Place to Call Home: Migration and Housing

Home is where we are safe. Home is where our loved ones are. When that home becomes unsafe, is it still home? If we move away from our loved ones, where is home then? How long does it take create a...
BY EUROPEANA 19.10.2018

A Path to Literacy – Role of the Catechism in Learning to Read

For Protestant and Catholic communities of the past, learning the basics of faith and the basics of reading went quite naturally hand in hand. But were all early catechisms necessarily intended as...