Cargaleiro – Live and Work

The exhibition has more than three hundred works that highlight the distinctive features in a retrospective collection that want to consider the Life and Work of Manuel Cargaleiro. In the exhibition highlights three areas that focus the works on display, including:
• Manuel Cargaleiro - Live and Work 
• Ceramics | Faience "Ratinha"
• Contemporary Ceramics

Manuel Cargaleiro
In contemporary building patents are about two hundred works of Manuel Cargaleiro arranged on three floors of the building. On the first floor we find a core which shows the various stages of the artist, with main emphasis on the area of painting, using various techniques, from the 50s to the present day. On the second floor are exposed Artist major works as a ceramist, a retrospective for his journey and the techniques used. Concluding the visit, on the third floor, there will be a path Master Cargaleiro in the work that develops study and technique and also an interesting perspective of their contact with Italy, where you will find forms and unique production techniques and, above all unique colors rafting for some of his works.

In the historic building, is patent a part of the Ceramic Collection Manuel Cargaleiro Foundation. In the first two exhibition halls patent is a very special area faience called "Ratinha" which occupies a particular position within the national ceramics.

Engaging and genuinely Portuguese, reflects not only the difficult social conditions of rural populations of the nineteenth century - the hard everyday, harsh and anxieties of a migrant population - but also overcome these hardships by the color, the joy and sincerity of the representations that lined current use parts that mice can carried in their seasonal movements. Rough and rustic dishes, but authentic in the ingenuity of his compositions, captivates us by the degree of affection which it radiates. Ivete Ferreira

In the following exhibition rooms still we find the Triana ceramics, and which stand out the Lebrillos Trianeros, coming from Triana, a neighborhood in Seville, next to Guadalquivir river.

The Lebrillos Trianeros are big bowls of baked clay, modeled on the lathe, which are characterized by the free trace of decoration, connected to antiacademismo, and the strong polychrome used - green, blue, ocher, yellow and manganese - and by tracing the black. The most widely used central decoration is linked to hunting theme, known for montería, with the representation of horses, bulls and wild game such as hare. Other recurring themes are the architectures, the birds, the anecdotal scenes, cartoons and blue color stamped. Ivete Ferreira

Contemporary Ceramics Center
In the contemporary building is an area of the first floor dedicated to contemporary ceramics collection, with the display of distinct and unique works of some of the most prestigious national and international artists, including Pablo Picasso, Marc Uzan, Claire Debril, Robert Deblander Daniel de Montmollin, Guido Gambone and Cecilia de Sousa. In this set is perceptible understanding of ceramics at various levels in the international context, considering nine thematic nuclei with several some reference works, namely:
National Manufacturing Sévres
Raw Materials
Architecture Impossible
Vietri sul Mare
Figurative decorations and Abstract
Eastern Influence

Inaugurated on June 10, 2011, in the program within the framework of the celebrations of the Day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities, the Cargaleiro exposure - Life and work defines a larger space Cargaleiro Museum, with the addition of a contemporary building consisting of three exhibition floors. In a more extensive area the presentation was possible some of the works of various artistic core collection of Manuel Cargaleiro Foundation. The second shows Collection, included the overall coordination and production of the Municipality of Castelo Branco, architectural design João Teixeira, museum project Celia Anica, Lda., Graphic design by Nuno Cardoso Vale, lighting design Vitor Vajão, graphical execution of Digipainel, Fingerprint, Lda., and assembly and lighting JC Sampaio Lda..

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