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The Cargaleiro Museum opened to the public on September 9, 2005 in the historic building known as "Solar dos Cavaleiros", with the exhibition [Cargaleiro - 60 years celebrating the color]. On June 10, 2011, included in the Celebrations of the Day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities, was inaugurated the new contemporary building, expanding the space for the study and conservation of the collection, and the exhibition area where it is currently patent the exhibition [Manuel Cargaleiro - Life and Work].

In the historical building is the reception, shop, library of the museum, and on the top floor the first exhibition space. Currently the exhibition shows popular ceramic part of the collection. This core, dating mainly from the nineteenth century, is called the "Cerâmica Ratinha" and occupies a particular position within the national ceramics, as well as a very close connection to Castelo Branco territory. In the following two rooms the exhibition presents "Lebrillos Trianeros" works also of the nineteenth century, from Triana [Seville - Spain], presenting with different shapes and colors of earlier pieces and demonstrate the geographical and cultural influences in the production of ceramics.

In the contemporary building are evident works of Manuel Cargaleiro arranged on three floors. On the first floor are some cores that present the various stages of the artist, with main emphasis on the area of painting, using various techniques and supports, from the 50's to the present day. On the second floor the exhibition presents major works of the artist as a ceramist, a retrospective by his journey and the techniques used. In the final room of the first floor of the contemporary building, it is an area dedicated to Contemporary Ceramics, with the display of some special and unique works of the most prestigious national and international artists, including Pablo Picasso, Marc Uzan, Claire Debril, Robert Deblander, Daniel de Montmollin, Guido Gambone, Cecília de Sousa... In this core it is noticeable understanding of the ceramic art in various contexts, considering nine thematic cores with reference works.

Concluding the visit, on the third floor, it is currently patent the exhibition [Cargaleiro and Friends], with 54 works, that show paintings, drawings and sculptures of 37 recognized artists, such as Arpad Szenes, Zao Wou-Ki, Marcelle Cahn and Magdalena Radulesco. This exhibition shows a little part of the great Coleção da Fundação Manuel Cargaleiro [Collection of Manuel Cargaleiro Foundation].

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Cargaleiro – Live and Work

Permanent exhibition

The exhibition has more than three hundred works that highlight the distinctive features in a retrospective collection that want to consider the Life and Work of Manuel Cargaleiro. In the exhibition...

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