Europeana Migration Collection Day – how does it work?

Our collection day events are a great opportunity to share your migration story. Sharing your story, or the story of your family or community, means it is recorded for posterity and preserved along with the collections of museums, galleries, libraries and archives from across Europe. This helps us to tell a really big story – the story of Europe and the people who live here.

Having your personal item digitised to become a piece of European cultural heritage is not something that you experience every day, so we put together this short guide to let you know what is happens during such a day and what to expect.

1. Welcome desk – meet, greet and get started

At the welcome desk, you’ll be given a form to fill with some basic information about yourself and your item, including the copyright information which will be displayed on our website. Don’t start telling your story just yet the welcome desk staff will bring you to an interview table where the interviewers will be delighted to hear your story.

2. Interview desk – sit back, relax and tell your story

The interview desk is a place where we invite you to tell your story. One person will speak to you, while another will take notes. They might have additional questions and ask you for some details to make the story the most complete and easy to understand to the people who’ll read it online.

3. Digitisation station – where your personal item becomes a piece of European cultural heritage

After your interview, our digitisation team will scan or take photos of the item that you’ve brought. You’ll be informed what time to pick up your item. While waiting for the item – take a look around – at some collection days, there are exhibitions or other activities to enjoy – or mingle with other participants.

4. Become a face of our campaign

Secretly dreaming of being famous? We might ask you for a picture with your object that we’ll use in posters like this (only if you agree of course)


5. What did you think about this experience – share your feedback

We’re interested in your feedback, so if you agree, we’ll ask you a few questions about the event and your experience. One of our colleagues will be waiting for you with a tablet, if you prefer, you can fill the survey later as well.

6. Couldn’t make it to an event? Share your story online!

Even if you’re not able to attend one of our events, we’d love to hear your story. You can share it online on this website:


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