Summer at the Museum

Summer at the museum doesn’t mean we’re asleep and doing nothing. It is true that the workers are on holiday, but the rest of us are working and preparing for a rich autumn. Three curators are preparing an exhibition on social life in Maribor in the 20th century, our archivist is preparing an exhibition on exiles during the Second World War, we are preparing a big event on the anniversary of the first hostage shooting and what else could be found. Above all, we work in depots and edit collections. In addition, the pedagogical service is preparing everything necessary for new programs, to which schools and kindergartens are already diligently applying. All that remains for us is to hope that the museums will open in the autumn. See you!
Of course, you can also visit us in the summer. There are many exhibitions available, and towards the end of the summer, in cooperation with Lacho, we are also preparing three concerts in the courtyard of the museum.

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