Sign the petition for Brukenthal Palace restoration!

This message is a call to action for the salvation of Brukenthal Palace, the most important Baroque monument in Transylvania.

In 2017, Brukenthal Museum in Sibiu/Hermannstadt will celebrate 200 years since the opening in Brukenthal Palace of the first public museum in Romania. Nevertheless, in over two centuries, the building was never fully restored, displaying an advanced state of degradation that upsets its basic functions as a museum. Meanwhile the allocated budget continues to decrease and the official requests sent in the last 9 years had no positive answer.

Under these circumstances, Brukenthal Museum develops White Palace – Dark Story Campaign, in order to raise awareness on the imperative necessity for restoration works. Inside this campaign a petition has been launched, as our voice needs to be strengthened through that of the community.  

The petition can be signed here:

White Palace - Dark Story Campaign DESCRIPTION
: Campaign for causes
Organized by: Brukenthal National Museum and Brukenthalia Association
Unique Partner: Deine Lakaien, Germany
Action: Petition
Duration: 1.03 - 30.05.2015
Aim: Awareness-raising on the advance degradation state of Brukenthal Palace and the imperative necessity for restoration works.
Means of information:
the official website of Brukenthal National Museum:  
the official Facebook Brukenthal National Museum / Muzeul Na?ional Brukenthal

Degradation examples in Brukenthal Palace
The second portal of Brukenthal Palace, located between its inner courtyards, is currently covered by scaffolding in order to protect visitors from the eventual falling pieces. The same fate awaits the façade portal.

The absence of stone-made wall base facilitates structural dampness, destroying interior wall-painting and aggravating the conservation conditions for the exhibits in ground floor exhibitions.

The complete restoration - a must for our cultural legacy
The museum management  tried to estimate the costs of a complete and professional restoration. The team who restored Teatro alla Scala in Milan and other specialists evaluated the conservation state of the building and indicated urgent works to be done from roof to basement.

Your support is vital for the Museum to fulfill its legacy.  

Please help us disseminating the petition signing on
Find more details about our campaign:

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