Collections Trust opens consultation on proposed SPECTRUM Data Standard for museums

Collections Trust has announced a consultation on a proposed new standard to help museums worldwide capture, manage and share rich information about their collections. The proposed new standard builds on the success of SPECTRUM, the global standard for best practice in Collections Management, as well as work led by the British Museum as part of the ResearchSpaceproject.

Speaking about the consultation, Collections Trust CEO Nick Poole said: “I am excited to launch this consultation with the international museum community, on the potential for a new companion to the successful SPECTRUM standard, which supports the increasingly complex need for museums to capture, create and share knowledge about their collections.

“If our community believes it is a good way forward, the SPECTRUM Data Standard will allow museums to support a wider range of applications, from websites to mobile platforms and 3rd party services, both now and in the future. It builds on the legacy of 100 years of cataloguing in museums, while also looking ahead to a future in which people will experience museum collections through many different platforms and channels.

“The proposal for a SPECTRUM Data Standard is at the heart of Collections Trust’s mission to help museums and other cultural organisations face the future with confidence. I am sure we will get an excellent response from the community, and I am looking forward to hearing what people have to say!”

To launch the consultation, Collections Trust has published an article setting out the rationale and context for a SPECTRUM Data Standard. To view this article, go to

The consultation will run until the end of February 2014, when Collections Trust will publish a summary of responses and a proposal for the next steps. Responses are invited from any interested party or stakeholder in the UK or international community. These can be sent to Nick Poole at

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