In the middle of Slovenia, on the northern hillsides of the Lower Carniola region, 412 meters above sea level is situated the Renaissance Bogenšperk Castle, which represents one of the most important cultural monuments of Slovenian history.

Bogenšperk Castle is a 16th century castle. It is best known for its association with the 17th-century historian Johann Weikhard von Valvasor.

Standing on a low hill at an elevation of 412 m, the Renaissance castle is fully restored, and is listed as an important cultural monument of Slovenia. The three-story building consists of four tracts from several time periods, connecting four towers and surrounding an arcaded inner courtyard. The oldest part of the castle is the north tower, which originally stood as a standalone fortification. A wooden bridge was added later, linking it to the south-east tower, which originally served a defensive purpose and was once much higher than the rest of the building; however, since a 1759 fire caused by a lightning-strike heavily damaged the castle, the tower was never rebuilt to its original level. The castle stands on bedrock; one of its attractions is a deep well carved directly into the rock.

The renovated premises now function as a museum, with exhibits and collections including:

  • Reconstructions of Valvasor's study and printing press
  • Superstition and Witchcraft Collection
  • Traditional Folk Costume Collection
  • Blaž Zarnik Geological Collection, including a full geological survey of the municipality of Šmartno pri Litiji)
  • Surveying and Mapping Collection
  • Hunting Collection
  • reconstructed chapel

The castle's first floor also contains a wedding hall and restaurant. The surrounding grounds are a park.

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