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The Swedish Museum of Architecture was established as an independent foundation, initiated by the National Association of Swedish Architects in 1962, and was in 1978 reconstituted as a national authority.

The museum is centrally located on Skeppsholmen in an award-winning building by Rafael Moneo constructed in 1998, and shares entrance with Moderna Museet as part of Moneo’s design for the museum complex. The main objective for The Swedish Museum of Architecture is to illustrate and offer an active platform for architecture, design and sustainable urban development, as well as to care for, list, scientifically process and enhance, through new acquisitions, the collections entrusted to it. The focus on design and sustainable planning were recently emphasized in the extended government directives of 2009.

The museum library and archives are vital parts of the mission to present and access the legacy of Swedish architecture. In addition to its permanent architecture exhibition, the museum initiates and produces exhibitions, as well as maintains an accessible and continuous agenda of guided tours, debates, lectures, information, and a variety of activities on contemporary issues in architecture, design and planning.

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