Museum of Art and Archaeology Senlis

Musée d'Art et d'Archéologie de Senlis

Within the walls of a former Episcopal palace, the Museum of Art and Archaeology, has an exceptional collection : ex-voto of the temple of the Halatte forest, paintings of Thomas Couture and Seraphine Louis, which  allows visitors to admire in situ a Gallo-Roman accommodation of the 2nd century.

Large archaeological collections: Gallo-Roman (bronze base of a statue engraved with a dedication to Emperor Claudius), 1st century (an exceptional series of votive offerings), Merovingian (jewellery, glassware), Middle Ages (fine statuary).

17th to 19th century paintings: Philippe de Champaigne, Lucas Giordano, Solimena, Corot, Boudin, Sérusier. There are two rooms dedicated to Senlis artists: Thomas Couture* in one, with some important recent additions, and Séraphine de Senlis* and the great 20th century naïve artists, Bombois, Bauchant, Vivin, Peyronnet  Royer, in the second.

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