National Museum of Science and Industry

The National Museum of Science and Industry (NMSI) is a collection of British museums, comprising:

- The Science Museum, incorporating the Science Museum Library and the Wellcome collections of the history of medicine at South Kensington in London.

- The Science Museum at Wroughton in Swindon, Wiltshire.

- The National Railway Museum in York.

- Locomotion: The National Railway Museum at Shildon in County Durham.

- The National Media Museum (formerly the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television) in Bradford.


The term "National Museum of Science and Industry" had been in use as the Science Museum's subtitle since the early 1920s. The National Railway Museum and National Photography Museum were later established as "outstations." The Science Museum was run directly by HM Government until 1984, when a Board of Trustees was established under the National Heritage Act (1983) and NMSI was adopted as a corporate title for the entire organisation.[2] At this point, NMSI no longer operated as part of a central government department; instead, it now has the status of a non-departmental public body, operating within the public sector but separately from its associated sponsoring government department, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. The NMSI operates as a charity; it also has a wholly owned subsidiary trading company, NMSI Trading Limited, which was established in 1988.

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