Dimcho Debelianov’s House

Родната къща на Димчо Дебелянов (Динчо)

The house where Dimcho Debelianov was born still holds the magic radiating from the poetry of this most tender of Bulgarian poets. Stepping through the wooden gate, a visitor will immediately be drawn into a lovely yard with ancient pines and picturesque cherry trees. A small wooden house with walls of deep blue stands in the middle of the rich verdure and luscious fragrance.

The beauty of his own home and town remained in the poet’s soul until his last breath. The emotionally intense life-poetry of Dimcho Debelianov ended tragically when he was only 29. He was killed in World War One, on 02.10.1916, near Demir Hisar.

He was buried is in the yard of Uspenie Bogorodichno Church. His grave is adorned by the statue of his mother, looking into infinity, waiting her son to come home.

Text source: http://www.koprivshtitza.com/museums.html
Foto source: http://eng.koprivshtitza.com/koprivshtitsa-pictures.php

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