National Museum of Požarevac

Narodni muzej Požarevac

The National Museum was founded in the 1895th year and its collections are housed in five buildings.

The main museum building (Voje Dulic 10) is currently in preparation of a new permanent exhibition in which archaeological, prehistoric, ancient, medieval as well as objcts from the Viminacium collection will be presented. Among the many valuable exhibits a special place definitely belongs to fresco painted tombs from Viminacium and emblem Viminacium, silver jewelry store from the village of Bare, and objects made of all metals (bronze, silver, gold, lead, iron), glass, bone, glass paste, clay, marble.

In the courtyard of the same building is a lapidarium which includes sculptures, stelae, sarcophagi, parts of architectural sculptures, columns and capitals.

Gallery memorial collection Miodrag Markovic (Voje Dulic 12) exhibits paintings in their permanent collection. Some of the artists whose paintings are in the collection are: John Bijelic, Milan Konjović, Zora Petrovic, Milan Sokic, Pedja Milosavljevic et al.

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