Museum House of Humor and Satire

Дом на хумора и сатирата Габрово

As a town situated in Bulgaria’s geographic center and inhabited by witty, wise and jolly people, Gabrovo has long ago been named Bulgaria’s capital of humor. Gabrovo residents are famous for their jokes and funny stories.

In 1972, on April Fools Day, Gabrovo got its House of Humor and Satire (HHS). Its motto is We Survived Because We Laughed. HHS is responsible for many activities. It organizes art exhibitions, acts as an information center, entertainment sport and a tourism attraction.

Once you enter the “Humor Louvre” you will get the chance to examine 10 unique exhibition halls. There, you can explore sculptures, caricatures, funny photos, paintings, posters and all other items connected to humor.

You will also get answers as to why is Gabrovo considered Bulgaria’s humor capital, why has Gabrobvo humor become so popular and why are people telling jokes about Gabrovo residents.

Guides will welcome you with traditional Gabrovo cheers and will show you the permanent collections.

Then, they will take you to “Heaven” where Adam and Eve have been presented as Gabrovo residents or to the “Sin” hall that features replicas of wall paintings from 22 Bulgarian churches and monasteries.

A collection of authentic ritual masks will take you to Africa and will show you more about the life of tribes there.

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