National Museum of Education

Национален музей на образованието - Габрово

The National Museum of Education in Gabrovo is a one of a kind establishment that preserves artifacts connected to the development of education in Bulgaria.

The first exhibition was placed in Aprilovska high school, which opened its doors as a museum in 1974. It traced education in Bulgaria from the creation of the Cyrillic alphabet to present days.

Five halls host the collections. The total area of the museum is 435 sq m. Visitors can learn more about the history of the Bulgarian education from the 9th century to the years of the Ottoman rule.

Revival period education from 1835 to 1878 is presented in the second hall. Bulgarian schools from the liberation period to the end of the 20th century get their representation in halls three and four. The final hall is a replica of an old classroom.

The museum protects original documents from Pliska and Preslav, a collection of revival period schoolbooks, physics experimentation equipment and other machinery. A library having more than 28 000 books functions alongside the museum.

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