War and Art

The exhibition "War and Art" is a story about art and artists in the Second World War, especially those who participated in the Battle for the Wounded.

Each war event, and there were many, awakened a myriad of emotions that "guided" the artist's hand to work alone, to express himself, write, paint, sculpt, direct, compose.

The story of war and art is a review of space, time and moment. 

A word, a verse, a shape, a tone, a story remains, the memory of artists celebrated by humanity.

Exhibitions and events

Film "Battle of Neretva"

Permanent exhibition

The true story of humanity and courage during the Battle for the Wounded was brought to the screen by director Veljko Bulajić who directed the film "Battle of Neretva". The place where we are is the...

Toward the Modern Society

Permanent exhibition

This exhibition explores the historical period that followed the end of World War II in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the area where the Battle of Neretva was fought, only a few years after its end, a...

Battle of Neretva

Permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition was renovated in 2013 and chronologically follows the events related to the preparation, beginning and duration of the operation. It contains photos, documents of partisan,...

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