MAREK ZÁKOSTELECKÝ / L + Comprehensive exhibition of puppets, costumes and scenography

Marek Zákostelecký is person of the world of theater, scenography and artists. He worked first time in an amateur puppet ensembel Radost in the high school in Strakonice. He studied puppet scenography in prague school DAMU and he worked 20 years like scenographer in the theather DRAK in Hradec Králové. He cooperated with many theater groups from Europe, USA, Australia or from Asia. Now he is working like freelance director and scenographer and for the holidays he travel by his grand parents in Tchořovice near of Blatna.

Exhibitions and events

Museum by All Senses

Permanent exhibition

Exhibition Museum by All Senses doesn´t hide only the history of the region in collection of artefacts, but also the experience of discovering of the history of the town Blatná and the region. Only...

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