Museum by All Senses

Exhibition Museum by All Senses doesn´t hide only the history of the region in collection of artefacts,
but also the experience of discovering of the history of the town Blatná and the region.
Only in five rooms you will travel step by step back to the past until the Iron Age, when people settled
permanently the region for the first time. Unlike other museums you will literally touch, listen and eventually
smell the history of Blatna and region. Visitors will find a hidden treasure in the museum and they may take
a piece with them.

Exhibitions and events

MAREK ZÁKOSTELECKÝ / L + Comprehensive exhibition of puppets, costumes and scenography

Guest exhibition at Municipal Museum Blatna until 30.08.2020

Marek Zákostelecký is person of the world of theater, scenography and artists. He worked first time in an amateur puppet ensembel Radost in the high school in Strakonice. He studied puppet...

Guided tour of the L + Marek Zákostelecký exhibition

Event at Municipal Museum Blatna on 13.06.2020 16:00

We cordially invite you to visit the exhibition with a guided tour with Marek Zákostelecký and art workshop. Art workshop started at 16:00, where you will train making a paper puppet. You...

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