František Bílekʼs Studio

The aim of the permanent exhibition, opened in September 2010 in Villa Bílek in the Prague neighbourhood of Hradschin, is to present the overall character of Bílekʼs oeuvre in his selected works, and thus to provide viewers with an apt opinion of the artistʼs contribution to both Czech and global art. The selection of works captures all stages of Bílekʼs artistic development and simultaneously pays attention to his ability to employ various techniques in creating a complex work of art which completes the symbolist project of both moral and aesthetic elevation of the human race.

Exhibitions and events

Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace / Sightseeing tour

Permanent exhibition

With its rich construction development, fusing the elements of High Baroque and the later Rococo and Second-Rococo adaptations, the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace is one of the most outstanding examples...

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