The Ciril Cesar Sculpture Collection

The museum Velenje displays works of a recognized Slovene sculptor Ciril Cesar. It shows different artistic periods from his sculptural beginning and works from academy to most recent ones with statues formed by sticking glass lamella.

The first room displays statues from Cesar's first creative period marked by classically calm, formally and thematically unquestionable academic realism.

The second room shows works influenced by the protest and shock due to the evils of the war: gigantic bodies, torn, dehumanized forms from the cycle of war victims.

The last room shows works made by Cesar's special technique of composing, sticking and crystallizing glass lamella that helps him to obtain shape and also light.

Exhibitions and events

Mastodon - Palaeontological collection

Permanent exhibition

In the former stables prehistoric finds of two spices of mastodon, predecessors of today's elephant, are exhibited. They were discovered in 1964 in Škale near Velenje. Mastodons strode in...

Šaleška Valley between the 10th and 17th Century

Permanent exhibition

The exhibition presents Šaleška dolina valley from the first written documents dating from the 12th century until the end of the 17th century at the time of a decline of the Middle Age...

Castle Chapel

Permanent exhibition

In the 17th century the northwest protective tower of the castle was altered into a chapel. It was renovated in 1985 and a collection of baroque art from church St. George in Škale was...

African Collection

Permanent exhibition

The collection is composed of objects gathered by Czech academic sculptor František Foit during his 25 years in Africa. It was renovated in 1998 and is the only collection of this kind in...

Old shop and inn - Reconstruction of a shop with mixed goods and an inn from the beginning of the 20th Century

Permanent exhibition

The shop dates from around 1930 and is furnished with original equipment from two shops in Šaleška dolina valley: drawers, counter, old cash box, a stand with glass vessel for sweets,...

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