Celje Regional Museum

Pokrajinski muzej Celje

The Celje Regional Museum, the second oldest museum (founded on May 1, 1882) in Slovenia, is situated in the old centre of the town. Its collections(from the prehistoric times till I.World War) are exhibitet in the The Old Counts` Mansion and the Princely Palace. The visitors should't miss the famouse Celje Ceiling, in situ presented remains of Roman town Celeia and the story of famous dinasty of the Counts of Celje.

Currently, the Old Counts' Mansion houses these permanent exhibitons:
- The Cultural history Collecion with the famous Celje Ceiling
- From the Gothic to Historicism in steps (accommodated for visually- impaired visitors)
- Alma M. Karlin - Journeys
- Lapidarium

The Princely Palace currently houses these permanent exhibitions:
- Celeia - a town beneath today's town
- The Counts of Celje
- From a Bone Needle to the Celjs Stars

Temporary exhibitons:

- Glass in the Celje region from 18th century to the present (The Old Counts' Mansion)

Collections in the region: Celje Regional Museum (Celje Old County), Potočka zijalka, Firšt Gallery (Olševa), Gornji Grad Museum Collection, Schwentner House – Vransko Museum Collection, Risto Savin Birth House (Žalec), Rifnik and its Treasures – Šentjur Museum Collection, Šmid Ethnological Collection – Planina Museum Collection, Glassworks in the Žusma Region, Glassworks Church – Church of St. Leopold (Loka pri Žusmu), Archaeological parks: Roman Necropolis in Šempeter, Old Christian Complex in Rifnik nad Šentjurjem.

Exhibitions and events

Od gotike do historizma po korakih

Permanent exhibition

Razstava je umeščena v okvir stalne Kulturno in umetnostnozgodovinske zbirke Pokrajinskega muzeja Celje v I. nadstropju Stare grofije in je namenjena vsem obiskovalcem z okvaro vida. ...

The Counts of Celje

Permanent exhibition

Exhibiton The Count of Celje is on display in 1st and 2nd floor of Princes Palace in Celje. The Counts of Celje were one of the most influential noble families in the Slovenian lands in the Late...

Celeia - a town beneath today's town

Permanent exhibition

The archaeological exhibition site in the cellars of the Princes Palace is the largest presentation so far of the remains of Roman Celeia in situ. Its silent yet picturesque testimony invites you to...

The lapidary collection

Permanent exhibition

The cellars of the Old Counts’ Mansion feature a Roman lapidary collection on an area of 440 m2. Inscriptions and reliefs in marble from Pohorje witness to the affluence of the citizens of...

Cultural and art history collection

Permanent exhibition

Cultural and art history collecton is presentet in a building known as the Old Counts’ Mansion. Visitors can view the objects of the art and cultural history collection on the arcaded...

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