Piran Coastal Galleries

Obalne galerije Piran - Mestna galerija Piran

The Coastal Galleries of Piran are the central gallery institution in the Slovenian Primorska region. They were established in 1974, but started operating in 1976. The Galleries’ central programme orientation consists mainly of organizing exhibitions of the middle-generation Slovenian artists, personal exhibitions of younger artists and retrospective exhibitions of the leading Primorska and Slovenian artists (exhibitions of old masters).

Furthermore, the Galleries are active in international art spheres, as demonstrated by presentations of important foreign authors or thematic units. They are also involved in publishing and in organizing prominent international events (Forma Viva sculptural symposium, Days of Architecture in Piran, Ex-tempore visual art event). With their well-known exhibitions they influence not only the art life at the coastline, but also in the broader Slovenian region. Their permanent collections include the following: Collection of Slovenian Art after 1976, Collection of Modern Primorska Artists, Collection of Prize-Winning Works Ex-Tempora, International Collection the Francesco Conza Laboratory of Avant-garde.

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Mednarodni kiparski simpozij Forma viva praznuje letos visok jubilej. Petdeset let. Petdeset let ohranjanja tradicije klasičnega kiparskega pristopa. Petdeset let preverjanja tradicionalnih...

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