Oslekov’s House

Ослекова къща

The house was build between 1853 - 1856 by order of the wealthy Koprivshtiza merchant Nencho Oslekov. Built by Usta Mincho and Kosta Zograf - representatives of the Samokov architectural school, Oslekov’s house fascinates with its rich exterior and interior decorations.

3 columns of Lebanese cedar support the ceiling of a spacious saloon on the second floor. The outside walls of the saloon are adorned with paintings of various exotic places and cities.

The beautiful wood cravings on the ceilings, the rich wall paintings and in-house arrangements show how the wealthy people lived in the middle of 19 c.

Nencho Oslekov took part in the April Uprising. The rebels’ uniforms were made in his homespun fabric workshop. Because of his contribution to the Uprising, after its failure Nencho Oslekov was captured by the Turks and hanged in Plovdiv.

Text source: http://www.koprivshtitza.com/museums.html
Foto source: http://eng.koprivshtitza.com/koprivshtitsa-pictures.php

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