National Museum of Vranje

Narodni muzej Vranje

National Museum of Vranje was established in 1960. The headquarters of the Museum are in the "Pasin Konak" building, which was built back in the 1765 and has an area of 400 sq. m of exhibition space with about 30.000 exhibits from the enology field, archeology and cultural history.

The permanent exhibition in the museum exhibits archaeological and ethnographic collections. From the ethnological collections different types of objects can be seen, including old clothing, urban and rural costumes from the 19th and early 20th as well as furniture from the same period.

In the halls (ground floor) are objects of archaeological collections: pitoses, steles, tombstones, pottery and tools from the Neolithic to srebnjeg century.

The museum home of Bora Stanković items of which belonged to the writer and his family members, as well as posters, photographs of theater performances and editions of his books and winner of "Borin's Award.

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