Atopos Contemporary Visual Culture

Atopos cvc is a non-profit, cultural organisation interested in the expression and adornment of the human body. It researches and initiates innovative projects of contemporary visual culture in an ‘atopic’ manner. The word ‘atopos’, from the ancient Greek “άτοπος”, refers to that which is the strange, the unwonted, the eccentric and the unclassifiable.

Atopos cvc was founded in 2003 by Stamos Fafalios and Vassilis Zidianakis. They were recently joined by Angelos Tsourapas. With their varying backgrounds of art, architecture, anthropology and mathematics, the three have merged their interests and visions to create an interdisciplinary platform for the arts.

Atopos cvc collaborates and co-produces with museums, galleries and independent artists, implementing new ideas in the form of exhibitions, publications, installations and performances. Through such collaborations, it has assembled a unique collection of rare historical garments and original creations by contemporary designers that relate to the human figure. Altopos cvc has recently instigated a residency programme, held in its headquarters in Athens, and a series of collaborative projects, which aim to observe and assist in a supportive way the progress of invited young artists.

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