Museums of Mequinenza - "Camí de Sirga" Hostel

Museus de Mequinensa - Alberg "Camí de Sirga"

The Coal Mining Museum of Mequinenza

Discover the secrets that a coal mine hides through its more than 1,000 meters of internal route. In them, you can contemplate the hard life of the miners, their working conditions and the different methods of extraction of coal in Mequinenza.

History Museum of Mequinenza

We have a story for you: Experience the history of Mequinenza with us. Start an exciting journey through past to present, from the first human settlements to the modern Mequinenza. Discover the millenary cultures that have inhabited Mequinenza (Roman, Arab and Christian), recreate medieval battles and sieges in the Castle of Mequinenza and navigate the Ebro river with the mythical "llauts" full of coal. Find out why the presence of water was fundamental in the old town and rediscover the collective memory of a flooded town under the waters of the river Ebro through the literature of Jesus Moncada, the most universal writer from Mequinenza.

Museum of the Prehistoric Past of Mequinenza

Travel back in time to the Prehistory and explore the archaeological sites of Mequinenza. Discover the Neolithic, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age in a single space with faithful recreations of unique spaces such as the "Castellets" or the "Vall Major". Discover the different examples of rock art found in Mequinenza, belonging to the rock art of the Mediterranean Arch and declared World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.​

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Educational programs

"Jesús Moncada" Literary Walking Tour


Until 1971 the town at the centre of this story was a river port at the confluence of the Ebro and the Segre. In its heyday the lower orders -  coalminers, bargees, small tradesmen, the...


We don't have anything to show you here.

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