Centro de cultura tradicional Museo Escolar de Pusol

Centro de Cultura Tradicional Museo Escolar de Pusol

The Pusol School Museum was born as an activity linked to the Pedagogical Project "The School and its Environment", which developed the study of the trades and traditions of the Campo de Elche, as well as the conservation of a culture that was disappearing by the mechanization of the field . Over time, the area of ​​influence of the Museum was extended to the city of Elche, so that currently all ethnological aspects are deposited in it: agriculture, commerce, industry, traditions ... constituting the Center for Traditional Culture School Museum of Pusol, product of an incessant activity of rescue and restoration of the heritage, and with an outstanding pedagogical vocation. In the center are exposed, on the one hand, the rooms of the traditional country house and the most emblematic trades of the field of Elche and, on the other, the urban environment of the city with its most popular shops. Due to its great didactic and ethnological value, the Pusol School Museum is considered the Third World Heritage Site of Elche since, in 2009, it was included for its project to safeguard intangible heritage in the UNESCO Good Practice Register.

Exhibitions and events

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Educational programs

Traditional games workshop


These workshops recover some of the games that were practiced in the past, such as tabas, escubidú, cromos or tanganillo, with the idea of ​​showing them to the new generations

Crafts Workshop


White palm braid, esparto braiding, chair strings ... Workshops that recover traditions and customs of Elche and its surroundings

Guided Tour



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