Tanum Museum of Rock Carvings

Tanums Hällristningsmuseum - Underslös

Tanum Rock Art Museum Underslös 

InfoCentre in Tanum World Heritage

Images from a 4000 years old culture expressing beliefs and rituals – difficult to understand but wonderful to enjoy.

Get a good experience in the exhibition or eventful excursions day and “night”.

Rock Art has fascinated people at all times and has mainly been aesthetical. But the scientific information value of rock art is extensive – too.

Visit the exhibition - an introduction to the iconography of the past in dialog with you. Or book a “Night-excursion”.

Exhibitions and events

Picturering the Bronze Age

Permanent exhibition

Life and Art, living conditions and the magic of images are closely connected in prehistoric times. The rock carvings testify to this. The thousands of rock carvings in Bohuslän - especially...

Educational programs

Empire of the Sun


In June 2013 the EU LEADER project Empire of the Sun was released – the result of the collaboration of four museums and three countries that share world-famous astronomical and...


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30. 06. 2014

Documentation and Registration of Rock Art

Tanum Museum of Rock Carvings

The primary purpose of the reproduction and publication of rock carvings has always been to make this extensive and geographically scattered material...

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