Custodian of our Memory: the Pavia University History Museum in the Central Building of the Athenaeum

The temporary exhibition "Custodian of our Memory" aims at guiding the visitor through the almost century long history of the Pavia University History Museum; born in the 1930s to accomodate ancient and very precious scientific collections in one coherent setting, the Museum also preserves documents, volumes and objects that narrate the life, ordinary and extra-ordinary, of the Athenaeum since its medieval beginnings. In the exhibition, ancient memories are brought back through photographs, newspaper articles, scientific objects and memorabilia.

A "parallel" exhibition will be hosted in the Broletto building up until the 4th of December 2022: "Stone documents: traces from the past, signs in the present" is designed by the Historical Archive of the University of Pavia and featured beautiful historic pictures and documents on the main building of the University.

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