Virto|stage: Your personal music theatre

virto|stage allows you to direct your very own personal music and opera experience. Storyline, stage design and music are in your hands. Your movements and gestures bring about your own original multimedia opera. Two stages feature two distinct topics.

zeitperlen - Media artist Johannes Deutsch, soprano Natalia Ushakova, the Vienna Philharmonic, the composers Nick & Clemens Prokop and interaction designer Stefan Schilcher make it possible to experience the multidimensional merging of music, chant and vision frst-hand: Opera from the perspective of actors. Human gestures turn into dramaturgical instruments defning storyline and degree of audio-visual complexity - the recipient becomes the interpreter.

zoo concert, has been specifcally created for our young visitors. The heart- warming story, based on Marko Simsa’s children’s book, is brought to new life on the interactive virto|stage. The musical fairy tale, specifcally created for our young visitors, takes them on an adventurous discovery journey.

Musical souvenirs, amusing, interesting and practical items are ofered in the HAUS DER MUSIK Museums Shop as a souvenir following the visit and completion of the 4th foor. 

Exhibitions and events

The Vienna Philharmonic Museum

Permanent exhibition

  In the splendid historical rooms of the former  Palais of Archduke Charles  you will find the Museum of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, whose founder,  Otto Nicolai,...


Permanent exhibition

Let your ears take a stroll through the amazing world of tonal and sound phenomena. In a “prenatal sensory rush”, visitors relive their frst musical experience many years after...

The great masters of viennese music tradition

Permanent exhibition

Vienna’s worldwide reputation as a city of music has been primarily shaped by the musical genius of some renown composers. Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven,...

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