Works on Paper

From Dürer to Sagmeister

Every year, the MAK Library and Works on Paper Collection curates exhibitions based on its own holdings. In the context of this focus on the library’s various collecting emphases, particular attention is paid to maintaining a balance between historical and contemporary subject matter.

The Works on Paper Room hosted Austria’s first exhibition to survey the history of Cuban posters. The first solo presentation of works by Stefan Sagmeister took place here in 2002. Otto Neurath has been paid homage with a showing, as have graphic art pioneers such as Joseph Binder, Julius Klinger, Ernst Deutsch-Dryden, Herrmann Kosel and Hans Neumann. Accordingly, a central programmatic role is also assumed by book art: the MAK is committed to the mission of presenting these media, from Russian and Viennese children’s books to today’s artist’s book, to the public.

Exhibitions and events

Carpets Collection

Permanent exhibition

For the MAK’s 150th anniversary, designer Michael Embacher has given the Permanent Collection Carpets a new spatial concept that integrates an artistic intervention by Turkish artist...

Renaissance - Baroque - Rococo Collection

Permanent exhibition

The MAK's collection of lace, and its holdings of glassware—especially Venetian glass—are considered among the finest and most varied in the world. Even in the Baroque period, Venetian...

Vienna 1900

Permanent exhibition

Vibrant and manifold: VIENNA 1900 in a new light   The fascinatingly complex cultural epoch denoted by the term “Vienna 1900” has long been the stuff of legend. And the equally...

Empire Style - Biedermeier Permanent Collection

Permanent exhibition

A heterogeneous mass of consumers arose during the first half of the nineteenth century, something never previously seen in Austrian cultural history. With the effects of the Industrial Revolution...

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MAK Design Kids

In two-hour workshops, the MAK Design Kids turn their attention to furniture,...

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