Traditional carnival masks in the area of Ptuj, Ptuj Castle

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The Ptuj and Drava Fields, Haloze and Slovenske Gorice hills represent an area in the north-eastern part of Slovenia, famous for the number and variety of traditional carnival masks. The most popular and well-known traditional figure is Korant or Kurent. Its origin has still not been completely unveiled, although there are some assumptions as to its connection to the Illyrian and Celtic traditon, to mythical followers of the late antique goddess Cybele, to ancestors of the Slovene nation, to the settlement of Uskoks (the Balkan rebel deserters) in the 16th century, and many others. According to an ancient belief, the Korant is a demon chasing winter away to call spring to the country.

By: Ptuj Ormož Regional Museum

19 trail steps

  • Step 1

    Masks and masquerading...

  • Step 2

    Carnival period and...

  • Step 3

    Carnival ploughmen

  • Step 4

    The korant

  • Step 5

    The making of korants’...

  • Step 6

    The devil

  • Step 7

    The rusa

  • Step 8

    The bear

  • Step 9

    The cockerel

  • Step 10

    The hen or cock

  • Step 11

    The Fairies

  • Step 12

    The old woman carrying...

  • Step 13

    The log-haulers from...

  • Step 14

    The trough

  • Step 15

    Gypsies from Dornava

  • Step 16

    The Jürek and the...

  • Step 17

    The spearman

  • Step 18

    The Kurentovanje

  • Step 19