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In the context for the International Museum Day Atopos cvc and the neo-situationist duo FYTA will present an interactive installation on the notion of Queer, under the title “Queer::Unqueer” at Atopos, 72 Salaminos str., in Metaxourgeio. During the first part of the event the audience will be invited to comment on the Queerness of various concepts presented on a large board. This interactive process will be organized / conducted by FYTA. Using an entertaining and highly scientific voting process, we will reach an agreement on the contents of the Queer concept in the Greek context and explore its analytical boundaries and new potentials.

During the second part of the evening a roundtable will be held with artists, academics and activists; on this occasion the Queer concept will be discussed in the Greek context through a storytelling of experiences and an unfolding of theoretical reflections. The aim is to develop a dialogue on what Queer is in 2017 in Greece, how this concept is used in everyday speech, what kind of realities it builds and how it is related to structures and institutions. FYTA will invite all participants to make brief, 10-minute statements on these issues and to take part in the discussion that will follow.

The evening is part of the 2017 International Museum Day programme “Museums and contested histories: Saying the unspeakable in museums”, a theme chosen by the International Council of Museums (ICOM). During the event FYTA will also personalise some copies of UNLOCKED, Atopos’ latest publication. This limited edition of UNLOCKED will be available for sale from the Atopos shop.

Participants: Anna Apostolelli,, Diana Manessi, Louisa Doloxa, ActiVista (George Kounanis) 

About FYTA
FYTA’s work deals with identity politics, questions of avant garde art in times of crisis and the possibility of political activism through creative means. Their work has been showcased in Greece, the UK, Germany and Switzerland. FYTA are currently working as curators for the upcoming instalment (2018) of the Athens Biennial.

By: Atopos Contemporary Visual Culture

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