Antun Augustinčić Gallery

Galerija Antuna Augustinčića

The Gallery has been established in 1970, when Antun Augustincic (1900-1979), who was educated in both Zagreb and Paris, being one among our most renowned sculptors, as well as an inevitable representative of Croatian contemporary art, donated to its native town of Klanjec his own sculptures, created over 50 years of work, from the 20's to the 70's, that had brought him fame both in the country and abroad.

The Gallery building, designed by architect A. Lozica, was opened for public in 1976 with the exhibition of the most representative works selected by the author and donor himself.

The new collection, including other works and museum exhibits, as well as a sculpture park, was opened in 1990 and accompanied by a catalogue of the Gallery's permanent collection and holdings. In order to present Augustincic's work as comprehensively as possible, the permanent collection was somewhat altered in 1992. However, the basic concept of the previous collection was kept: a tripartite classification of the indoor collection into public sculptures, intimate sculptures and portraits, and the outdoor collection including several fountains and smaller public monuments turned into a sculpture park.

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