Museum of Herzegovina Trebinje

Muzej Hercegovine Trebinje

The Museum of Herzegovina in Trebinje was established in 1952. The first excavation was conducted in 1957 at the church of St Peter in Zavala. In 1966, it published the first publication under the name Trebinje 1 of Vasilije Korac. In 1975, it initiated the journal Tribunija. It has about 1.500 m² of space at its disposal, with about 800 m² dedicated for exhibitions.

Permanent displays:

- Dučić’s collection with valuable artistic exhibits (72 exhibits of stone plastic, 14 paintings of domestic and foreign painters, tapestry, mosaic, Japanese embroidery, Jovan Dučić’s orders, his ambassadorial clothes and his manuscripts);

- Permanent ethnological display Folk life and culture of Serbs in East Herzegovina in the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century;

- Permanent archeological display with worthy exhibits from the Stone Age to middle age;

- Memorial exhibition of the paintings of Atanasije Popović – 43 paintings of famous painter, gift of painter‘s brother Uros Popović to town Trebinje;

- Bequest of painter Milena Šotra - 24 paintings with motifs of Herzegovina and Itinerary along Russia and 15 graphic arts of painter’s brother, famous graphic artist Branko Šotra;

- Bequest of academic painter Milorad Ćorović – 57 paintings;

- Bequest of writer and sculptor Radovan Ždral – 122 sculptures made of semi-precious stone.

Apart from these permanent displays and bequests, there are 400 paintings, graphic arts, sculptures and other objects in the fund of Museum of Herzegovina. Annex on Ušće (Lastva), bequest of Dubravka Kujačić in which exhibitions, promotions and concerts are held, is also part of Museum of Herzegovina.

The museum also has a considerable collection of library material (the library with technical books from different areas of science, culture and art).

Apart from permanent displays and bequests, occasional exhibitions, poet recitals, promotions of books and music concerts are held in the Museum of Herzegovina.

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