National Museum of Kragujevac

Narodni muzej Kragujevac

The origins of museums in Kragujevac may be related to data from the first half of the 19th century. Prince Milos began to form its own collection of paintings in June 1823 after he received his first paintings. In 1837 the Prince received the first collections of materials from the German naturalist Baron Herder, and sources also hint at the first numismatic collection.

After more than a century, during the time of occupation in the spring of 1942 the museum was established in Kragujevac Šumadijski, which ceased on March 22nd 1943. Today's National Museum in Kragujevac was established on June 1st 1949 as a circuit museum with three employees and several hundred objects in six collections: prirodnjačkoj, historical, archaeological, numismatic, ethnological and art.

The Museum are: archaeological, historical and art historical department, documentation, technical library, conservation workshop and photo lab. The museum has a specifically formed guide service.

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