Town Museum Litija

Javni zavod za kulturo Litija

The museum houses the following permanent exhibitions:

History of River Traffic: Throughout history up until the mid 19th century Litija was an important river port with its own boat office, tollhouse and customs house along with other river facilities such as a thriving boating industry. The exhibition displays scaled down river vessel models that were used on the Sava and Ljubljanica Rivers, as well as authentic boat-crafting tools.

History of Mining: This exhibition focuses predominantly on the Sitarjevec mine, which is known as one of the oldest Slovenian mines and is still believed to hold one of the most diverse mineral deposits in Europe. The first mining attempts reach back to the Iron Age, but it wasn’t until the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire that the Sitarjevec Mine became the second biggest lead mine in Europe. The region was also strongly influenced by the smelting plant in Litija, which operated from the 2nd half of the 19th century to the 1930’s, and heavily impacted the lives of local inhabitants.

History of Railway: The Southern Austro-Hungarian in Carniola (roughly modern-day Slovenia) was built in 1849 and enormously contributed to the quick development of the regions along the Sava River – it was precisely because of the railway that on the turn of the century Litija became one of Slovenian economic, administrative and cultural centres, flourishing up to the beginning of the 2nd World War.

The Old Wooden Bridge of Litija: Bridges - symbols of interconnection and gap-bridging. Litija's former wooden bridge was built in 1855 and lasted for over a hundred years up until 1974 when it was finally replaced by a new more modern bridge.  During that time it bravely weathered countless storms and provided a quick and reliable passage over the river Sava for many local inhabitants as well as numerous merchants, businessmen, travellers and armies, as it was in fact the only bridge over the river for many miles in all directions. The exhibition commemorates this former most prominent symbol of Litija by displaying among other objects the only surviving bridge's wooden beam.

Other Services:

- occasional and hosted exhibitions
- lectures on local and world history
- regular museum social events
- archive of local history documents, postcards and various objects
- "Following the Footsteps of Boatmen"; a guided sightseeing tour of Litija
- a registry of local protected historical landmarks

Exhibitions and events

The opening of new exhibitions from Litija's history

Permanent exhibition

Heritage Connects Us Within the framework of the Heritage Connects Us operation the basement facilities of the Town Museum Litija have been completely renovated and new exhibitions placed within;...

Educational programs

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