Museo Civico di Belriguardo

The Municipal Museum of Belriguardo is in Voghiera (Fe).
It is located inside the Castle Belriguardo, the summer residence of the Este, the hegemon family of Ferrara from the thirteenth century to 1597. 

The castle was built in 1435 and is the first summer residence of a lordship in Europe.


In the museum there are many artifacts from the Roman and Byzantine age. 

They are very interesting two rings made of amber (one
of them has a complex scene of cupids and it is the only one in the world), a balsamario made of onyx, the only intact in the world and some interesting combs of bone and ivory, from a Byzantine necropolis. 
Balsamario made of onyxring made of amber

You can also visit the Sala della Vigna, with frescoes of the sixteenth century.

Sala della Vigna

The castle belongs to the UNESCO Heritage.


Exhibitions and events

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Educational programs

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The archaeological dig  The Craft Potter Restoration fresco Architectural Treasure Hunt Life in the Castle The clothes of the Este Paper mache creations Postcards from the Museum


We don't have anything to show you here.

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