Castello d'Albertis - Museum of World Culture

The Museo delle Culture del Mondo di Castello D’Albertis (D’Albertis Castle Museum of World Cultures) offers a touring route throughout the mansion house of Captain Enrico Alberto D’Albertis, who got the vision of it, designed it and built it.
Travelling across land and sea between the 19th and 20th century, the Captain enshrined all his world within his own house, in a Romantic setting which ranged from a “cabinet of curiosities” to a colonial trophies.
His castle is a testimony of the fascination that the far-off worlds he visited exerted over his spirit, a spirit imbued with a Genoese outlook and love for the sea, and with an equally deep curiosity for the unknown and for still-unattempted exploits. But there is much more : entering the 16th century fortification on which the castle was built, a second touring route opens up, in which the archaeological and ethnographical collections are revealed through the dialogue and interchange with the peoples they come from, with the goal of letting multiple perspectives unfold and of making our certainties more relative.

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