Osvaldas Jablonskis exhibition "My Lithuania"

A. Žmuidzinavičius Creations and Collections Museum, V. Putvinskio st. 64, Kaunas


from 20th of June Osvaldas Jablonskis exhibition "My Lithuania". 

Osvaldas Jablonskis is considered to be a virtuoso of Kaunas Watercolour School. The creative work of the painter is denoted by his own individual and peculiar Jablonskis-style colour world, sensitive compositions, lyricism, all-permeating realism and empathy. The exhibition  presents paintings perpetuating – as if in a revolving kaleidoscope – the Lithuania of Osvaldas Jablonskis – church towers, birthplaces of famous people and their favourite places, such as the “Cimbruvka” Nemunas River bsank adored by writer J. Tumas-Vaižgantas, Lithuanian mounds, centennial trees, etc. The most appropriate definition characterizing the spirit of the exhibition is Spiritual Landscapes. 

O. Jablonskis name frequently goes along with the names of Lithuanian classics Česlovas Kontrimas (1902–1989), Petras Stauskas (1919–2003), Algirdas Lukštas (1921–1992). Osvaldas Jablonskis is well-known to anyone interested in the watercolour world. This artist has educated more than a single generation of painters, and his students respectfully address their former teacher as ‘Maestro’.

Exhibition works: 20 06 2019–08 09 2019 

In September we will invite you to get acquainted with the creative legacy of one of the most famous Lithuanian watercolourists Petras Stauskas. His works are characterized by less attention to a drawingitself, greater respect for brush marks, and free molding. For more than three decades (1951–1988), P. Stauskas was the director of M. K. Čiurlionis Art Museum, and only because of his will, the valuable collections of Independent Lithuania were preserved. We invite you to follow our news on  Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CiurlionioDailesMuziejus/

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